Village Aerobics

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The ladies faces were smiling from ear to ear, the 79year old woman giving it all she had as she kicked her legs up as high as they would go, age was not stopping this woman. Infront of me stood, 20 F... Read More

Slip and slide

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My legs wrapped around the local Fijian lady in a vise grip as we positioned ourselves at the top of the water slide. My heart was pounding, I was certain I was sitting at the top of a huge set of rap... Read More

Hitting an all time low

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Yesterday was one of the worst days I have ever had sailing. 9 minutes after leaving the protection of savusavu bay I was setting a new world record. I was hanging off the side of the boat, my morning... Read More

Gear box and sewerage

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The Captain was covered from head to toe , lathered up in a layer of grease and oil. Finally the brand spanking new gear box was installed. The engine clicked into gear and a round of high five’s we... Read More

Fijian Christmas

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Laughter was drifting along the breeze, the happiness of Christmas filled the air, echoing off the huge rugged mountains that surrounded us, cows and horses grazed freely on the land, while the chicke... Read More

Cyclone snuggles

The Low pressure system has started to track away from Fiji, which we are great full for. In it’s wake we have been left with 3 miserable days of rainy weather. This has caused us a few issues, ... Read More