19 days of smiles and not a cocktail to be seen !

What an incredible 19 days. 19 days worth of dishes are finally getting done, the boat finally getting a layer of dust washed off and I can use my toilet. Such a lady of leisure being able to use my toilet when I please ! It was 19 days of blood sweat and tears, but we did, The Mighty Eos II is back in the water and floating !

I was so grateful for the arrival of the Mother in law, after 11 months with no help, no baby sitter, I finally had three seconds to myself, while she occupied the girls.

I also made some incredible friends. My favourite fijian Tai showed me how to cook curry, whilst we polished off a bottle of wine, staining the white bench tops with tumeric. During the day He and his friend Jordan helped sand back the boat, in our frantic efforts to get her in the water by the weekend and they helped keep the girls and I entertained.

Mary the roti lady made the girls and I breakfast every morning for 19 days. If you go to Vunda point marina, you must stop for a $1 roti ! it’s as awsome as breakfast gets.

I would highly recommend hauling out in Vuda marina for all those yachties. The staff made our long hard stay enjoyable. They put smiles on our faces every day. Where in the world do the workers turn up to work yahooing and high fiiving ! ! How can you have a bad start to the day when you are surrounded by the happiest people ever !

When we did finally get in the water, it was sad to say goodbye. As we threw the bowlines off my smile slowly drifted away. The Jolly Bula crew of Tai and Ice, the office staff, the yard workers, the crazy taxi man Ali, the restaurant staff, they all made an impact on us, they kept us smiling and made us feel like we were part of a family, it was truly a sad day to say goodbye to all these wonderful people. I will miss them all dearly and I am so greatful, that they came into our lives. I absolutly LOVE fiji

hard work no cocktails !

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