A desk education

It finally happened, the first day of school crept up on us ever so slowly, but today she hit the classroom for the first time. Her face says it all, Beany was excited to say the least. She had dreamt of this day for a long time. At 5am she was dressed and ready to go, AK packing Beany’s school bag for the big day.

Our planned future had never involved sending Beany to a mainstream school, the plan was I would home school her and as a family we would see the world whilst learning. But things didn’t go to plan, instead Beany stood in front of her table where she will spend the next year getting a desk education while trying her hardest to sit still.

For Beany school is her new adventure, for me, it means I have some spare time to sit and have a good think about the new future plan and which direction it is best to head in 🙂

For beany’s 7yrs of life, I have always been by her side. We have spent everyday together in very close proximity, it was sad for me to leave my beautiful girl behind, but its time for Beany to make some english speaking Australian friends and I look forward to hearing all her stories when she is picked up in the afternoon.

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