Boobs and boots

The ladies beaming smiles, couldn’t distract my mind from the amount of boobs I had just seen. I had just come to the realisation that my boobs, aren’t infact that big after all, saggy yes, but big, certainly not. Ladies of all shapes and sizes were sitting around in a circle all helping each other pick the right size for their boobs. They tried on bra after bra, all laughing hysterically. I stood off to the side, not sure as to where I should look, feeling quite uncomfortable, the only woman in the room with a shirt on. I almost felt like ripping my bra off and joining the free boobing party.They were having so much fun, but I thought better of it.

bra party

Over 200 Bras where shared out between 11 villages, some reaching as far as the most remote place in Fiji, Fulunga island. All the ladies were over the moon that there boobs where no longer slapping their thighs, but were back up on their chest, were they belonged. The over shoulder boulder holders were now keeping some huge weapons, contained.


The ladies couldn’t thank me enough, some close to tears with the generosity. So on behalf of 11 villages, I would like to thank everyone who donated Bras for such a good cause and to everybody who continually supports myself and the work I am doing in the villages. The woman will be forever greatful and every morning when they lash there boobs down, they will smile, knowing that there were people out there with huge generous hearts, that cared about there boobs đŸ™‚

the ladies are well supported

A huge thank you also to Linda, who made it all possible and became the go to woman for the bra drop off. Thank you to everyone, I may have seen lots of boobs, but it was all worth it, to see the smiles in their hearts.

But the donations didn’t stop there. I had one more surprise in my bag. I had spent months and months trying to get some rugby boots donated to a very special player, but I just couldn’t get any and then I tried one last club, a team who I had religiously followed from as young as I can remember, came to the rescue. A team, who I had spent years screaming at the TV for and chanting “the ref is a wanker” everytime they got a penalty against them.

Heart warming smiles

When I pulled the square box out of my bag, the players face started to smile. He stood there and slowly read the label and his smile started to widen even further. He opened up the box and inside was a brand new pair of rugby boots in his size, generously donated by The Brisbane Broncos. A Club  that went above and beyond for a man from a remote village. I couldn’t believe our luck, and I can’t thank them enough. A pair of boots that brought a smile to one young mans face, that was so bright, it still warms my heart.

Game day

Three days later, he ran out on the rugby field, with his little cheer squad cheering and his boots shinning bright. It was a close game, till the dying seconds, but his team came out on top, the crowd erupted and the Waimaro Rugby boys had won the cup. It was our first proper rugby match and let me tell you, they are very passionate and brought back the biff ! I even got to yell at the ref. I loved every moment of it, even though I had no idea what was going on. At one point a 70yr old lady went running across the field cheering and galloping with excitement. They love there rugby !


So thank you from the bottom of all our hearts, to everyone who donated bra’s and to the Brisbane Broncos for supporting a young mans dream. Thank you.


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