Exotic laundry


The exotic places to do laundry ! The water looked like stagnant pond water with an oil coating. The fresh water spring turned into a cement tub and a rotting wood floor had been put in place. I saw there was a section where the water was flowing out. The flow was cut off by sticks and leaves. I squatted down and removed the mini dam, as soon as I did this the oily coating started to slowly drain away .The oily surface had completely gone by the time we unleashed our washing from the dinghy and piled it sky high on the boardwalk. Of course we took the opportunity of endless fresh water to do several loads of laundry in yet another exoctic location. We wouldn’t miss an opportunity like that. If we have any inkling that there is fresh water available ashore we always pack a load of washing just in case. This fresh water can come in any form, Fresh water rivers, creeks, rain water tanks, hot springs, a tap or even a bore. If its fresh we make the most of it. Once the pile of washing is halfway through we stop for a coffee or two and a bag of biscuits, we need to refuel the body ready for the second half of the marathon . I wash and gorilla hands rings it all out. KL and AK get to wash the socks. Once the washing was done it was time for a good old Soaking . KL and I slipped in wearing our shoes so our toes didn’t touch the slime build up on the bottom. The thought of slime squishing between my toes was enough to get the gag reflex going. The hot spring was luke warm even on the cold side of luke warm. None the less it was fresh water. We soaped our selves up and had a good bath. It’s a real treat to get to wash your hair and only the second time in 2months that I have had the opportunity to do so. scrubbing months worth of salt and wax from my hair .When we were all scrubed up having peeled sufficient layers of dirt and salt off us and completed our loads of laundry ,we headed back to the boat. As I write this I am swishing my silky clean golden locks from side to side, swish swish . I wont mention the horrendous anchorage, the boat thrashing about violently, making us realize why we are the only silly souls out here. I can handle thrashing about when my hair is so silky and soft. Once back at the boat we had to hang the 5000 items around the boat and on any space or rope we could put them. The wind was howling so the drying process didn’t take very long. I was then blessed with the task of putting the 5000 items away ! Washing who invented it. I can asure you that when we get to the cheap tropics we will be spending a lot of time naked and if we have to wash I will be taking it all to the poor lady who runs a Laundromat for her to do. I am sure she will take great pride in getting the red sand stains and dirt marks out of all our sheets, towels and clothes. It will be a great challenge and one that I am done participating in.

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