Happy Holi

Red, blue and purple colours were thrown into the air. Orange and green were smeared across my face. Everybody was laughing and screaming as they ran around throwing dyed flour onto each other.


Having so much fun

Boys ran around with red dye in spray guns squirting everyone. The men shook tambourines, and bashed a drum, whilst dancing around and singing. The noise taking me down an Indian alley way, arriving in a big court yard.

The Indian food flowed freely, dhal, curry, Indian sweets, and little fried balls of fatty tasty goodness ! Everyone running about screaming happy HOlI, Everybody all having the time of their life.


Soon I was dancing away, everybody laughing at my terrible moves. Susan our friend dancing along side me. Our faces covered in a variety of colours, the girls all playing, decorating all the other kids with colours.


So much colour

We have done a lot of Fijian cultural celebrations, but this was one of our first Indian celebrations. It was incredible. To have met Susan and be given an opportunity to see an Indian festival was fantastic. Everybody was so happy, having so much fun, throwing colours and changing there house and garden into a rainbow paradise.

The girls had a great time and I was able to chat away and enjoy lots of different company. It was nice to spend some time with the Fijian Indians and experience a little bit of their culture

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