Inspiring and making a difference

I have the drive, I have the passion and we will make a difference in these villagers lives. This program has given me a happiness that I haven’t felt in years.  We have given the villagers a happiness that some of them, haven’t felt in years. I am determined to keep these smiles flowing and keep the happiness pouring out of every bodies hearts. I am so lucky to have been given this opportunity to give back to so many, who have given me the clothes off their backs.

6 thoughts on “Inspiring and making a difference

  1. Lahn, your truly an insperation, you have made a huge diffrtence to so many. Congratulations. . Hope we get to catch up in May.
    H & M

  2. Great job…you guys are really amazing and awesome….Vinaka vakalevu Lahnee…
    Keep up the good work and have fun.

  3. Hi Lahnee – the BRA DRIVE for your Fijian women is going well. I’ll have a big bag full for you when you return in May!

  4. Hi Lahn
    Where can we donate to the bra drive?

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