That momentous

Land ahoy, land ahoy, land ahoy !! 2am on day 8 and a momentous occasion. The glowing lights of Noumea broke the horizons monotony. We are almost there, so close, so very close. And now I must sleep, I must not let SM have an extra second of rest, my turn for the soft comfy pillow has come and nothing right now is better then my bed and my pillow. It was that momentous.


I slept through till 7am and when I woke the massive mountains of Noumea stood proud over the horizon. We stood there staring at the mountains and then looking back at each other, both standing there with huge goofy grins. We have accomplished a huge feat in our lives. We cracked the bottle of port that we had saved for two years for this moment. The girls got a very special drink of cordial and we all tucked in to cheese and dips. We had just sailed our little family across the Coral Sea in our mighty Eos II our little 34’ft home. The emotions of it all was, a complete whirlwind. Did I mention that we just sailed across the Coral sea the pacific ocean? I am beaming with proudness for what my little family just achieved and even prouder because a lot of people doubted us, doubted our experience and capabilities of handling the boat. They told us we would be stupid to go without crew, that we would never make it, that we should do a few more trips, small trips first.

I can tell you now with 100% certainty that, the world is infact round and you won’t sail off the edge and I can also certify that you don’t want to sink out there. It’s a long way to the bottom !

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