Village Aerobics

The ladies faces were smiling from ear to ear, the 79year old woman giving it all she had as she kicked her legs up as high as they would go, age was not stopping this woman. Infront of me stood, 20 Fijian woman, there boobs bouncing around in their faces as the bopped to the beat.


I could not contain my laughter as we all started to hip thrust in time with the music. Everybody laughed with me. I couldn’t believe how lucky we were, to have stumbled across such an incredible program.


For the last week the girls and I have traveled from Suva to Nadi and back, I have joined up with gymnastics Australia and the gymnastics Fiji federation to help get health and fitness out to remote villages by running an aerogym program !!! I am so excited about this program and project. To see how much fun the woman have, joining into an aerobics class, fills me with happiness, finally I am able to give back to such a wonderful place. It has been an incredible week.


I have always been so passionate about gymnastics and now I have an opportunity to take that knowledge and give it to people who truly need it. I absolutely loved it, I could not stop smiling. Also being able to bring my girls with me and have them experience new villages, has been beyond amazing.


The girls and I have been taken home by complete strangers every night, where the Fijian generosity would be in its finest. We would be fed, bathed and given a roof over our heads for the night, in a new village.

All the familes opening there homes to us, welcoming us as if we were part of there family. I have been so greatfull for all the people who took us in this week.


Travelling around and helping promote and teach the aero gym program, meant that every night we had nowhere to go, we were in places that are not on the tourist route, so to have so many families take us in, truly meant the world to us.


Over the next few weeks you will be seeing more post from the aero gym program as we venture to new villages and meet new families, in the bid to get Fijians healthy and active. I am so happy to share this with you all and I hope that I can get more people involved, especially more yachties.


Next weeks schedule is busy and booked up, with many more village’s to visit and get involved in the program. This is all volunteer work and I am so passionate about it, that I hope to take the program to all the outer Islands that we visit. This is an opportunity I can not miss, I am not just floating around the Pacific doing nothing, finally I am able to give back and do something that I love.


If you do want to get involved feel free to message me, as for all my gymnastics friends get behind this program and help out. I am so EXCITED !!!!!! I am also very behind in blog post so will have to get back on track, with a few back dated post J

2 thoughts on “Village Aerobics

  1. Awesome Lahn. You will make such a big difference to these peoples lives. Well done and congrats.

  2. Sounds like you are really enjoying it. Have fun! Take care! And keep writing!

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