Our first Cyclone

We saw the dreaded words on our weather forcast last night. Tropical cyclone. We want to leave our options open so by clearing out if the weather gets bad and the cyclone develops, then we can get the... Read More

Gentle Giants

One big gentle giant slowly swam past me, it’s mouth wide open. Not in the slightest bothered by me. This huge manta ray just swam around and around in circles, letting me get as close as I wanted. ... Read More

Government Party

What a beautiful cultural day. I finally got to wear one of the pretty flower headdresses the locals wear. We went ashore at fuali Island to check with the Island keeper if it would be okay to anchor ... Read More

Taking on water

  After 12 of the worst days at sea our dramas werent over. When Slade went into the locker to get parts to fix a leak in the kids bed, he noticed the cushions in the quater berth were wet. He un... Read More

To Hell and back

  12 days of pure hell on earth we finally limped into Tuvalu. After being becalmed for the first 3 days we finally got some wind in the form of a 40knot plus howling cold front. I never want to ... Read More