Hostile locals

The Islanders were hostile, they were so hostile infact that they adopted us as there new white family. Every night they bathed and fed our kids before preparing a feast. The feast was freshly killed ... Read More


Just when I thought it was great having so many friends, cruiser reality set in. It’s time to say good bye to some of my close friends as we part ways and go on our own journey through the pacif... Read More

Majuro Medical

Patients attached to every kind of tube are wheeled freely through the piles of people in the waiting room. Its lunch time at the hospital. Lunch is a strange phenomenom. The doctors drag a table into... Read More

Up wind battle

The crest of the wave crumbled and with a massive roar I was thrown across the cockpit the wave thundering down on top of me. Saucepans went flying across the room and ceramic mugs went shattering to ... Read More