Exotic laundry

The exotic places to do laundry ! The water looked like stagnant pond water with an oil coating. The fresh water spring turned into a cement tub and a rotting wood floor had been put in place. I saw t... Read More

Tropical paradise

We were packed and ready for a day at the beach and a day of intense exploring. I rowed the dinghy ashore with the kids. We then selected the ultimate spot to set up camp and proceeded to unload a ham... Read More

Birthday Girls

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEAUTIFUL SKIPPER BEANY and AK. The day started with a trip to the port de Sud shops in uptown. We brought both the girls there very own baguette. They couldn’t smile any bigger as th... Read More

The Goat Hunter

Slade decided it was time to dust the bow and arrow off and go hunting. The backpacks are loaded and we are off on the first hike of the trip. We are going to conquer Mosquito peak. 10 mins in and I a... Read More


The dolphins are so close I can almost touch them. Beany and AK are squealing with delight, their faces light up. The 3 dolphins are playing in our bow, doing tummy rolls and leaping about before raci... Read More

Killer peanuts

“is there peanuts in this? “ wholly shit. “yes” I replied quietly as my heart began to sink. What came next was a few moments of chaos, before the poor soul was evacuated from the sundowners e... Read More

steep creek beds

We laughed and we laughed and we laughed. Our bellies were wobbling. What a sight we must of looked. We took off on an adventure up the near river in hope that we would get to the town of Bourail to b... Read More