Tuvalu Info

What a place. Tuvalu is a magical place its just ridiculously HOT !!!!! Clearing in here was a hassel. I am talking, it took all day ! The officials don’t come out, so you have to go in. We anch... Read More

Drowning Dinghy

I stood on the deck thanking our lucky stars that the kids and I didn’t go ashore. Slade went up a wave and as if in slow motion the dinghy lifted up the bow got thrown over and Slade was flippe... Read More

Bad news

  What a disaster. Slade is on the radio, radioing all boats in Nanumea to find an alternator belt. So far we have been extremely unlucky, all our spare belts are a size to big. The belts are per... Read More


MAYDAY MAYDAY MAYDAY this is *Reef Slayer, Reef Slayer, Reef Slayer We have run aground on the reef pass. MAYDAY MAYDAY MAYDAY. What followed next was chaos, local boats loaded up with people, took of... Read More

Nanumea entrance

The waves are breaking across the reef pass in to Nanumea. We sail up and down trying to get a good look into the pass. Its narrow very narrow. We call exodus on the radio, Tim is kind enough to come ... Read More

Our first Cyclone

We saw the dreaded words on our weather forcast last night. Tropical cyclone. We want to leave our options open so by clearing out if the weather gets bad and the cyclone develops, then we can get the... Read More

Gentle Giants

One big gentle giant slowly swam past me, it’s mouth wide open. Not in the slightest bothered by me. This huge manta ray just swam around and around in circles, letting me get as close as I wanted. ... Read More