A hard days labour

I am pretty sure he is smiling with joy on the inside
I am pretty sure he is smiling with joy on the inside

The fibreglass started peeling away, the water seeping out. Slade ground the boat back to within a millimetre of its life.


Osmosis is not a good thing for a boat. For two days Slade meticulously ground out the blisters, almost puncturing our water tank with a very deep very large blister. While he was busy grinding, I had the embarrassing task of strutting around with Beany in her red leotard until we found grass for us to practice her gymnastics on. Ak and Beany are high energy ,so finding grassy areas to run them wild is a must. Also keeping there lungs free from fibreglass dust is a pretty good idea.

Pointed toes

Our first 3 days haven’t been a walk in the park. To add to the huge issue of the mega osmosis bubble, AK decided to pooh in the out of bounds toilet onboard. When there is no water to pump into this becomes a huge drama. I had to pump it out, under the cover of darkness while Slade got the dirty job of catching the discharge in a bucket on the outside.

The no toilet issue is quite annoying . I make atleast 20 trips to the toilet taking AK and Beany who clearly have no bladder holding skills and refuse to get in sync with my toilet body clock.

Just to add to all those toilet trips is the sheer dusty, dirtyness of life on the hard stand. Our sheets are itchy with invisible fibreglass splinters, the floor covered in anti foul paint particles, more fibreglass and lots of dirt mixed with grass. The dishes have piled up, leaving us to eat out of a single saucepan and to cook one pot wonders, and we still have 10 more days to go.


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