A third world hospital


Beany didn’t improve so we decided that we needed to leave and leave now. She was unable to keep any fluids down and at the rate she was vomiting things weren’t looking good. We fired up the engine and were ready to go, I put her into gear and there was nothing, I put her into reverse and nothing, back to forward still nohing.

SHIT ! we have blow our gear box and are now engineless. We had no option we needed to get to a medical centre, so we became sailing purist. Something Slade has always wanted to be. We sailed off the anchor no problem, since there wasn’t much wind and headed to sea. Beany’s condition deteriorated quickly with seasickness. Her urine out-put was down to nothing, which is not a good sign.

After 28 hours of sailing we were ready to navigate into tarrawa. Our anxiety was high with several big container ships to sail around and we had never dropped anchor whilst under sail. There were a few boats from the North bound fleet in the anchorage who had decided to be on stand by incase we needed assitance. I felt they were mostly just hanging around for gossip purposes. No one had even deployed a dinghy, so they were of no use to us if we needed help.

We sailed in gracefully, navigating between the big boats perfectly, we then proceeded to drop the anchor and sail back to bed the anchor like we were all time professionals. The other boats were waving and shouting congratulations at us, as we totally nailed it. One of our finest hours and people were there to see it, even if they only hung around to be nosy ! We shared a few high fives before heading for the hospital.

The hospital was a real shock. It was a 2hr bus ride away and at one point there were 38 bodies all crammed in to a 22 seater mini bus. Thankfully Beany didn’t projectile. Once at the hospital I was blown away. People lay on a cement slab under a tin roof attached to drips, oxygen, feeding tubes ect. Ferrel dogs roamed freely between the patients and cats lay curled up on patients legs. Some lucky patients had wooven pandanus mats to lie on. I took Beany over to the out patients area where she saw a nurse, we were then moved on to a doctor and taken away to get blood test done. I had packed my own syringes and was gratefull when they pulled out a brand new needle for Beany. I checked it over making sure it was packed in a sanitised package. Once I was satisfied they took her blood and ran a few other test.

On the way home I tried heplessly to give her lemonade, flavoured milk and juice but she just wouldnt drink anything. She was now on a very vicious cycle. She wouldn’t drink because she didn’t want to spew, but not drinking was making her even sicker.  Beany needed help now and it was becoming quite apparent that we weren’t going to recieve the medical attention she needed.

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