Birthday Girls


HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEAUTIFUL SKIPPER BEANY and AK. The day started with a trip to the port de Sud shops in uptown. We brought both the girls there very own baguette. They couldn’t smile any bigger as they sat down devouring there baguette. To them this was a huge and special breakfast. So easily pleased they are. We then sailed out to a pretty Island called isle Maitre. We took the kids ashore and had special fairy bread on the rest of their baguettes. We set up under the shade of a big tree with a swing rope and decorated it with a few balloons. The kids swam all day, Beany doing some snorkeling with her goggles. AK had partied too hard and collapsed in a heap on the sand. Here she went to sleep for the next 3 hours. While she slept we watched a helicopter do army training, during this we turned around to see a sea snake about 30cm from our backs. We stayed very still until it slivered in to the grass behind us. Once AK woke up she was back in the water for a swim, I then hear her screaming and dancing on the spot. I look over and a sea snake is reared up between her legs. The Captain is in the water with Beany further up. I scream sea snake, as I run like a rocket to AK. She screams and shakily stumbles backwards out of the water. The sea snake slowly rearing up a little bit higher before she sinks back down into the water and slivers away. I scoop AK up and she is shaking like a leaf and crying her eyes out, the poor thing. Ak is not an animal lover. We decide to call it a day but not before we grab a fresh coconut. For dinner the girls got fresh shark sprinkled with coconut on a baguette, with jelly and sparklers for dessert. It was a truly beautiful day and they didn’t stop smiling. A perfect place for a birthday party. How many kids can say they spent their 2nd and 4th birthdays in New Caledonia. I truly feel that we are giving our kids the best life we can give them. Tomorrow we will do it all again, minus the birthday song and sparklers.

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