Bonfire and wet shirts


Everybody all hudled around the bonfire in the pouring rain, enjoying the cool down at first but then becoming cold with the howling wind that got stronger and stronger. It was our first cruiser bonfire.

There were 6 boats that turned up. Us on Eos, Craigh and leanne on “true blue”, Tim and his boys on “exodus”, “Skua” with Paul, Bear and the little boy Beany’s age called Ulyss, then there was Eric and brigetta on the Scandinavian boat “ Ariel 4”, and Francis came with home made gin and tonic off “scandalous”.

We all cooked on the fire and drank. We had coconut water that we had got earlier in the afternoon and mixed it with a can of tinned Lychees. Everybody chatted and mingled, all at the same time making sure the 3 kids didn’t go near the fire. The whole anchorage turned out, minus Tim’s wife.

The fire started at 5pm and by 8pm we all had a good fresh water rinse off as the rain came down. I absolutely loved it. 5 of the boats are all headed the same way as us. Kiribati, Marshalls back to Kiribati, Tuvalu and then to Fiji. It was great to have a good catch up, since we will all be heading the same way and seeing each other a lot more.

We all plan to clear out on the same day and head to the Kiribati as a group. We will most likely bring up the rear of the prosession of boats. Eric on “Ariel 4” will be the resident Doctor, which is nice to know since both of the kids have sore throats from playing with the locals. He is really nice and his wife brigetta loves to crack a good joke.

All boats also have clearance to visit the outer Islands on the way to Kiribati, so that means that the first leg will be 50nm, the second leg 200nm and the last leg around 450nm. This will make things a lot easier for us as passages just drain us physically, so it will be nice to break the trip up with a few days on some untouched Islands. This is the first time that boats have been allowed to stop at the outer Atolls on the way to Kiribati. It should be an amazing experience. We are a very lucky bunch of cruisers about to embark on an untouched cruising route.

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