Boob Party Fiji

When boobs bounce around, flying from left to right, while the woman sweat it out to a healthier life, you know its time to organise the woman some chest support. This is where the idea of the bra drive was started.

It took just under 3 months to fundraise and organise over 200 bras. People from all over Australia, posting me Bra’s and delivering bra’s to allocated drop off points. The bra drive had a lot of special people, help out, with collecting and organising. I had to jump on all my luggage to try and fit all the bra’s into my bags, when the time had come to board my flight to fiji.

When my bags were sent through customs, the poor customs official looked quite embarrassed and went several shades of red, when he open my bags to find hundreds of huge boob sized bras. Thankfully he was so embarrassed that the 30kg of chocolate I had also brought, went un noticed ! For weeks I carted over 35kg of bra’s around on my back.

Village by village the bras slowly disappeared , the  ladies beaming smiles, couldn’t distract my mind from the amount of boobs I had just seen. I had just come to the realisation that my boobs, weren’t infact that big after all, saggy yes, but big, certainly not. Ladies of all shapes and sizes were sitting around in a circle all helping each other pick the right size bra for their boobs. They tried on bra after bra, all laughing hysterically. I stood off to the side, not sure as to where I should look, feeling quite uncomfortable, the only woman in the room still wearing a t-shirt. I almost felt like ripping my shirt and bra off and joining the free boobing party. They were having so much fun, but I thought better of it.

Over 200 Bras where shared out between 11 villages, some reaching as far as the most remote place in Fiji, Fulunga island. All the ladies were over the moon that there boobs where no longer slapping their thighs, but were back up on their chest, were they belonged. The over shoulder boulder holders were now keeping some huge weapons, contained.

The ladies couldn’t thank me enough, some close to tears with the generosity. Nothing could prepare me for the amount of topless woman I was to see and as the last bra was donated, I was thankful that I would hopefully never see another set of big black boobs in my life 🙂

The Bra drive was a huge success, Now as the ladies bounce around doing Aerobics and getting fit and healthy there boobs don’t slap them in the face. Teaching these remote village woman aerobics is a hugely rewarding job and knowing that I am helping to change their lives and bringing happiness and health to them, gives me an incredible feeling. Our Aerobics session may only last for an hour, but for one hour the womans laughter doesn’t stop, for one hour the woman come together and tackle their health as a team, cheering each other on, supporting each other on their journey’s to a healthier life.

the ladies are well supported

So on behalf of 11 villages, I would like to thank everyone who donated Bras for such a good cause and to everybody who continually supports myself and the volunteer work I am doing in the villages. The woman will be forever greatful and every morning when they lash there boobs down, they will smile, knowing that there were people out there with huge generous hearts, that cared about there boobs.


A little bra movie

I am now know as the Bra lady, a nickname that I am sure is not going anywhere anytime soon.

2 thoughts on “Boob Party Fiji

  1. Just another reason to see their gorgeous smiles. Congratulations on a great achievement.❤️

  2. So so pleased!!! A special thank you to the Women Who Sail Australia group who donated many bras at both the Gathering in Port Stephens and to Mooloolaba where we finally handed over to Lanos Kai but had to do the exercises first!! This makes me smile from ear to ear. Such a worthy cause. You are doing a brilliant job Bra Lady!!

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