Child free bus rides

A 5hr bus trip alone with two young kids would be any parents worst nightmare, but I got this sorted, just call me champion Mum ha ha ha. I let Ak and Beany browse the seats looking for the comfiest, snuggliest looking fijian ladies lap. I then pretend to not notice the girls as they dissapear into a row of chairs and crawl up onto the ladies lap.

Once they are safely onboard there new Mumma, I stealthily dash for the back of the bus and cram myself into a window seat. The next 5 hours is pure bliss, I lose myself to my daydreams as I peacefully gaze out the window, soaking up the magical country side. I make no effort to bring my girls back to my row, it’s a rare moment of me time and no one will destroy it :).

Ak will snuggle up into her cosy fijian lap and fall asleep while they stroke her head. Beany, well lets just say, if you have Beany sitting next to you , you deffinately got the short straw. She talks the ears off her fijian for 5hrs straight, not stopping once for air. Then she doesn’t stop wiggling.

When we arrive at our destination I feel refreshed and ready to conquer the day. I really am a master at parenting, my form doesn’t get any better then that. Whats even better is when you have an old friend to cook you dinner on your arrival and a sleep over in a pirate ship. My life is tough 🙂





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