It’s epic this is as good as cloud break gets or so I was told. The crowd of 30 surfers and 100 onlookers cheered and whistled as slade pulled into a perfect 6ft well overhead hollow barrel, the crowd roared even louder when he was spat out the end of the tube and he jumped of the back of the wave. His grin bigger then ear to ear.

All these years of hard boat work and maintenance had paid off. The captain is finally living his dream, as set after set roll in, pumping its nuts off. He pulls in to barrel after barrel. All day the 30 odd blokes out surfed till their hearts content. Finally at 5:30pm Slade snapped the last of his leg ropes and had to return home.

But yesterday was Mother’s Day , I know what you are all thinking. When the surf is pumping nothing but surfing matters. So while you were all out writing messages of love and spoiling your mum, I was siting just off the line up, taking photos of surfers, Mother’s Day on the back burner. It was a well deserved surf after our 6 day crossing from Tuvalu to fiji. The smile on Slade’s face priceless and worth missing Mothers day for. He is one very lucky man to have such a supportive family, willing to sacrifice so much for him to live his dream.

For 4days we anchored off the reef at cloudbreak. Slade surfing from sun up till sun down. From 4:30pm onwards we would be the only boat out. Slade in the line up alone enjoying cloudbreak at it’s best. Little did we know that in the next few days AK would become terribly sick. We would be making an emergency sail from Cloudbreak to Nadi.


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