The dolphins are so close I can almost touch them. Beany and AK are squealing with delight, their faces light up. The 3 dolphins are playing in our bow, doing tummy rolls and leaping about before racing to the stern of the boat and racing back to the bow to tummy roll again. They are so playfull and the water is crystal clear, making it really easy for us to watch the show. These dolphins are huge at least 2m and one little baby. As the dolphins roll they smile at us three girls. We couldn’t hide our excitement as they leaped about. It was magic I felt as though we were swimming with them, we watched there every move as if we were under the water. I am not kidding when I say we could almost touch them. If I had of put the camera down for one second and leaned over the edge I would have been able to pat the dolphins. For at least half an hour we all stood out on the bow jumping about in excitement watching these wonderful animals playing around. I feel that I cant put into words how magical an experience this was. We had plenty of dolphins in our bow wake sometimes up to 10 at a time but nothing compares to these 3. So happy to whiz around and splash in our wake. Just us 4 sailing along in pristine waters on a nice calm day with 3 beautiful smilling dolphins. It rates in my top 3 of most magical experiences. I am still riding on a high from it and AK keeps pointing over the edge squaking trying to make them come back or maybe just reminiscing over the excitement she just encountered. I put all the footage on to the computer and we watched the dolphins play over and over. The kids yelling to watch it again and again. What a truly special day in Beany and AK’s life, to experience something so truly amazing

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