Dress provisions, cyclone Gita

With cyclone Gita looming the last thing we wanted was to end up eating our toenails because we were unprepared. So it was off to town to buy some food. After too many years in Fiji i thought we had seen it all. This morning was like any other we jumped on a bus to town, but instead of going to town the bus went on a 2hour scenic route through the country side and mountains. My boobs bounced around horredously as we hit pot hole after pothole on a long winding, narrow dirt road.


Not long into our trip KL had fallen asleep in my lap, we travelled over creeks and through the beautiful mountains, where a friend who we had lost touch with jumped on to the bus. We chatted away and enjoyed our impromptu catch up, before finally arriving in town (a trip that should of taken ten minutes) after all that bouncing around coffee was the first thing on our provisioning list, then KL and I got distracted buying dresses, we soon decided we were too tired to do any more shopping.   We returned home with nothing more then 3 bags of pawpaws and some cute lil dresses. Us woman have our priorities right 🙂

Fingers crossed the weather doesnt get too bad, because i am not sure our provisioning efforts will sustain us in the event of a direct hit from cyclone Gita, we will however be able to twirl around in our dresses while we are confined and lashed down 🙂

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  1. Good to know the caffeine levels are up. At least you won’t have withdrawal,symptoms on top of large winds. Sure to keep you relaxed😳🙀

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