Drowning Dinghy

dinghy being towed back to our boat. The outboard cactus, the swell big
dinghy being towed back to our boat. The outboard cactus, the swell big

I stood on the deck thanking our lucky stars that the kids and I didn’t go ashore. Slade went up a wave and as if in slow motion the dinghy lifted up the bow got thrown over and Slade was flipped under her as the waves continued to bash in. Men from the beach came running to help rescue slade and the dinghy. Once slade knocked the water out of his ears he tried to get out through the breakers again.

The swell was gnarly rolling in from along way across the other side of the lagoon. The wind howling 30+kmots. Waves surfable as they hit the beach. A completely stupid idea to go ashore in these conditions.

Three men held onto the dinghy helping push it over waves so Slade could start the out board. There was no hope. The outboard had been under water in the washing machine surf and was full of salt water. Eventually the council boat appeared to rescue Slade from the beach. Getting the dinghy out past the breakers and into deep water took seven men. From here she was attached to the big boat and slade was hauled over the side. His bag with all our important documents completely submerged.

This council boat then had to get the dinghy over to us on Eos while we pitched wildly in the waves. It was touch and go there for awhile and I am surprised we didn’t loose our wind vane, being jammed from behind by the power boat. Finally I gave them instruction since the 8 men couldn’t work out how to get the dinghy an Slade across to us. With some womanly wisdom Slade was back on board ,and our dinghy tied safely to the back of the boat.

We were all cleared in and didn’t waste anytime in haulin ass back to the western side of the atoll safe from the swell and wind. Here we sat in complete seclusion wading out cyclone Amos. She never came to close and we didn’t see anywhere near the wind we saw when we sat out cyclone Tuni in the exact same spot in November last year. Our time spent at tupuku Island was that of leisure. We dd absolutely nothing except catch up on some much need rest and relaxation after a 13 day passage

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