Just when I thought it was great having so many friends, cruiser reality set in. It’s time to say good bye to some of my close friends as we part ways and go on our own journey through the pacific. We may never meet again, but they will always share a big part in our adventure. So far we have been so lucky to meet so many wonderful, beautiful people , which makes it harder to say goodbye. Ariel IV were instrumental in getting Beany the required medical treatment she needed, Dr Eric was a god send, who was there for us when we needed him, It will be very sad to see them go. As for the rest of the Northbound fleet we sailed with from Tuvalu to The Marshalls, we will all part ways and head off to our new chosen tropical paradises. We all range in age, we are all from different countries, we are all from different lives ,yet we all share the same dream and are instantly bonded for a lifetime by that one dream.

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