Fuluga birthday Party

There is no better place in the world then to party in fulaga. The girls where free as birds. Roaming the village and enjoying playing with all their old friends.

Everybody helped out to give the girls a very special birthday, filled with cassava, pawpaw & noodle pie, pudding and plenty of grog for the adults. Not even the rain could dampen the spirits.

Grog chugging

I couldn’t help but think how lucky my girls are, there has been plenty of tough times, but to see them so happy and running around like children should, climbing trees and playing in the dirt. I knew all the tough times were worth it.


To be spoiled in so much love on their birthday was incredible for them. They may not have received any gifts, but the village managed to give them all the happiness in the world and thats exactly what my girls deserve and nothing less. I couldn’t of been a happier Mum.

Beany may have turned 16, I mean 6 and AK turned 4 and on there birthday, they received the world, a world of happiness, generosity and love. What more could you ask for. I love my two girls, more then anything in the universe. They keep my heart beating, everyday .

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