Gentle Giants

One big gentle giant slowly swam past me, it’s mouth wide open. Not in the slightest bothered by me. This huge manta ray just swam around and around in circles, letting me get as close as I wanted. I am always respectful and make sure to keep my distance. It was so cool to see the manta ray just gliding along so gracefully.

Beany was there right beside me, taking little glimpses under the water with her goggles. What an experience for her. She was absolutely estatic, smiling form ear to ear. It was truly magical to share  the experience with her. The visibility wasn’t that good, but that didn’t dampen the moment. I kept asking Beany if she was okay and she kept replying with “ Mumma I am fine, you should be asking yourself if your okay! “ cheeky little grub she is.

Beany is such a cool, calm and collected person, swimming around in the deep water with this gentle giant underneath her with out a care in the world. Meanwhile I’m constantly thrashing about doing 360 turns to make sure those massive big great white sharks aren’t sneaking up on me. After 20 minutes the manta slowly swam away into the dark depths.

I immediatley made the frantic dash back to the dinghy, since I had reached my braveness threshold. Beany wanted to swim around for a little longer, since she has no idea about sharks !

When I got back to the dinghy AK was squealing and pointing with excitement that she had seen the manta ray from the top. It’s wing poking out and waving to her. She was a very happy little girl. A nice way to end the day after sailing for 3hours down to a southern Island through a heap of coral bombies.

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