Government Party


What a beautiful cultural day. I finally got to wear one of the pretty flower headdresses the locals wear. We went ashore at fuali Island to check with the Island keeper if it would be okay to anchor out front. When we pulled up on the beach there were all these people and a beautiful palm frong weaved entrance and walk way.

The locals pounced on us immediately, wanting to touch AK. Once we got permission to anchor they invited us to join in the big government finali party. They had been discussing climate change action all week and today they were in party mode.

All the 8 chiefs were there and any sort of high ranked government official. It wasn’t long before we became the “important guests” we got front row and centre to all the cultural perfomances and were given plate after plate of food. Freshly killed porky pig, hour old plucked chicken and beef frozen from fiji. Egg salad came next and then plates of apple and oranges to finish us up. I couldn’t bare to eat the pigs that we saw earlier and the huge chunk of pig fat sitting on my plate churned my stomach, the smell was also gut wrenching. I smiled politly and then fed all my food to the kids, what they didn’t eat Slade filled up on. There was plenty of free beer and coke to go around. Red horse beer should never be drunk unless you are so legless that you cant taste it. Needless to say I stuck to the cheap nasty coke rip off.

The kids played for hours with the other kids of all ages. Where they could the adults would take any opportunity they could to get cuddles off AK. We met lots of lovely people who had plenty of stories to tell.

Then at 4:00pm the party had to come to an end, everyone went streaming into the ocean at an attempt to sober up and cool down. They then all piled into over crowded sinking dinghies and headed back to the mother ship. They were to continue there party back at funafuti’s shipping dock. Where the government guest who couldn’t make it out to the Island were preparing tea, coffee and cakes, so that they didn’t get punished for not attending such a farewell, closing party.

We were left on the island with the island keeper dave, we then wandered around for awhile, before heading back to our boat. What an amazing experience with such generous giving people. We were the only non government people there and the only white non Tuvaluans. It was truly fantastic , a great impromptue party for us. The kids were well looked after by everybody there, so that we could participate in the cultural dancing ect.

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