Groundhog Day

Wave riders

Groundhog day, we are still in the exact position that we have been in for the last seven days. Smack bang in the middle of a 360’ horizon. We appear no closer or no further away from the horizon, stuck in the same spot. Surrounded by the big blue ocean. The feeling is bizarre. To wake up in the same spot and then eventually turn up somewhere on some island. There is no halfway landmark, you don’t go through any town, no scenery change that lets you know your almost there. We just bob around in the same spot day after day and then arrive in a whole new country. The boredom is insane. Tomorrow we should see land and I will be welcoming the change of scenery.

Have you ever stared at a horizon for 7 days ? Well I have and its well and truly boring and not worth the time. The horizon never changes. Its always flat and in a straight line and it always dances just out of reach. You never quite get there, you are always chasing the horizon.