Happy wrinkle fest


My boobs have headed south, the crows feet are in the embryo stage and the wrinkles on my forehead are deepening into crevases. My husband has delivered me gifts of stale peanut m&m’s and a can of quail eggs ! Hopeless husband, but in his credit, he has remembered for the first time in 5 years ! I must be another year older.

I totally have this many friends !! yes it seems so unbelievable. All these beautiful cruisers came out to Eneko Island in the Marshalls to help me celebrate my birthday. What a day, we were whizzed out there on the Wasabi fast boat by Karin and Carry long time live aboards in Majuro. Once we arrived at the Island the cruisers came with their well wishes and home baked gifts. The eskies were loaded onto the beach and everybody chatted and drank well into the late afternoon

This is the biggest party I have ever had, I couldn’t wipe the grin off my face. I was so excited to have so many truly wonderful friends and I got great satisfaction out of rubbing it in that I was only 28 and more then half their age. Ha ha. I was worried that I would be terribly home sick on my birthday, but all my new found friends went above and beyond to make it special. Thank you to cruisers and the instant bonds we all have. No thank you to gravity taking effect. Happy Birthday to me hooray


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