Hitting an all time low

Yesterday was one of the worst days I have ever had sailing. 9 minutes after leaving the protection of savusavu bay I was setting a new world record. I was hanging off the side of the boat, my morning coffee emptying itself into the ocean. This would be where I would stay for the next 11 hours the dribble constantly dripping off my chin, moaning as my stomach continued to heave, Wishing for death, but death eluding me. Instead I suffered for 11 hours, time ticked by ever so slowly

wishing for death

At 2pm my my sugars went, I lay lifeless on the floor ,coming in and out of darkness, while the Captain frantically tried to get sugar into me. I had never felt so miserable in all my life. After an hour or more of slowly sipping on juice, the darkness that continued to engulf me, seemed to start to pass me by.


I asked how “much longer to go”, the Captains response was not what I wanted to hear , “at least 4hrs more” . I was spent, I was exhausted, my stomach ached and heaved uncontrollably and all I wanted was to be on land. Instead I was surrounded by swell, making my head feel like it was going to explode with dizziness.

another squall

Beany and Ak weren’t doing so well either. The 4 weeks sitting in a calm bay had taken it’s toll. We had lost our sea legs.

not happy lil campers

Finally we pulled into Fawn harbour, nice and calm flat bay, where I now lay, still too unwell to sail. I slowly drink hydra lite to get my fluids up and have taken several pro calm tablets to try to get my world to stop spinning. Yesterday was a hellish nightmare, that I couldn’t escape and today I continue to pay.

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  1. have you tried those wrist bands for sea sickness, they do work

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