Hostile locals


The Islanders were hostile, they were so hostile infact that they adopted us as there new white family. Every night they bathed and fed our kids before preparing a feast. The feast was freshly killed chicken boiled to a point that a saw was needed to cut through it, pandanus fruit that has the consitency of potato but is as juicy as a mango. The aftermath of eating one of these means 2 weeks worth of dental flossing to get the stingy bits out ! There was always a pile of coconut crabs to be eaten and a never ending pot of boiled rice. The drinking coconuts flowed freely to wash it all down. This is a real feast. To top off our incredible days. Our family serenaded us with my ukelele for hours under the stars. These locals know how to play a tune or ten ! I couldn’t believe the songs they played, when it was my turn, I squeaked out a high pitched lyric, forgot the strumming pattern then went bright red. The locals laughed hysterically at my misfortune. They didn’t ask me to play again after that !

During the day we helped make copra, or in my case ate the profits. Slade also got a few waves in here and there before going off spearfishing to catch our new family some fish. The family was incredibly generous and made sure that we were well looked after. We thanked them by offloading all our old clothes, spare food and by fishing for them each day. I just cant put into words our experience. We lived a village life. They live off the land, 5 Adults and 3 toddlers. The girls enjoyed making friends, spending there days eating coconuts, playing in fires and swimming. We lived the simple life on an Island away from the world. A life that I would live forever.

Unfortunately after 6 of the most incredible weeks of my life it’s time to move on. A week will be spent chatting to my Mum via skype whilst trying to do provisioning, before we take to the ocean. Fiji our next slice of paradise


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