Killer peanuts


“is there peanuts in this? “ wholly shit. “yes” I replied quietly as my heart began to sink. What came next was a few moments of chaos, before the poor soul was evacuated from the sundowners event and whisked quickly away back to his boat for what I can only guess was an epi pen to save his life. That warm sinking feeling penertrated me as my eyes welled, is he going to be okay, we are in a remote location, has he gone into anifelactic shock, my mind went psychotic with all these questions but felt now was not the time to be bombarding the wife. I sat quietly skulling my wine. The wife of the poor soul told me over and over that he would be fine ,she tried to reasure me, my heart continued to sink. She said that he will spend the next few days vomiting and struggling for breath but will be fine after that. She said there was all the medicine he needed on board but nearly always needed hospitalization. Fortunately he had consumed a very small amount maybe 1/8 of a peanut so he shouldn’t need hospitalization. I skulled another wine and tried to forget as everyone moved on with the afternoon. There were 10 of us aboard Akimbo all enjoying afternoon sundowners. It was great to see so many boaties cramed into one small cockpit. We all sat in each others laps laughing and having a great time. A few jokes were made about the situation that had just happened to try lighten the mood. The night continued on and turned into a really nice night minus the fact that we almost killed somebody. We had no idea that there was a person onboard allergic to peanuts, no body had briefed us on that and we had never experienced anybody that had been allergic to anything before. This was one hell of a learning experience and I can safely say that I will never serve anything with peanuts unless I have fully checked every guest, that no one has nut allergies. I would like to point out that for the record Slade made the killer duka and I was just the support lady who happened to be married to the unfortunate chef. It really was nice to meet so many cruisers all in one spot. After a hard day chasing the surf/lying on the floor it was a well deserved social event.

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