Left for dead


The bus door jams, 41 people are now officially locked in a 24 seater bus. My claustraphobia goes through the roof. There were 40 people on the bus and of course they decided to squeeze 1 more body in. In doing so they some how jammed the door shut. I couldnt do it any more, I was furious, having been to the hospital and told they had run out of facilities to put  Beany on an IV. What sort of hospital doesn’t have facilities to put an IV drip in a severely dehydrated child ! More to the point, what sort of hospital diagnosis an extremly ill child with worms ! Come on, If she had worms I would see them ! When I tell you my daughter doesn’t have worms and that she is extremely unwell, The doctor should listen ! Beany had not wee’d in over two days, she had drunk less then 100ml of water over those 2 days and she looked like the walking dead. The doctors simply couldn’t help us, they had no idea.Worms was all they could say. Worms wont dehydrate a child, make them suffer diarhhea for 17days or uncontrolable vomiting for 5days. I had never seen Beany so lifeless. I was begining to get quite scared and flights to fiji or home were deffinately on our minds. What can you do when the medical system is almost non exsistant?  just to top it off on our way home they kept filling the bus up while people sat all over my sick daughter. I had reached my limit.

The last week had been alot of running around to get nowhere. I hailed the bus driver and told them to stop, everybody laughed at us knowing that we wouldn’t be able to get off the bus. Lucky for Beany and I ,we had a window seat and were the only people small enough to fit out the window, so I did what any frustrated mother would do, I passed Beany out the window before making an elegant exit myself. The bus load of people fell silent as I stood up and started to slide myself through the window. It was midday the bus had no air con, there was no breeze and I was not about to sit around and watch 41 people gag when that arrogant sod dropped one hell of a fart, I was outtta there. Beany was waiting for me on the ground and the traffic had come to a stop as I shimmied my bum out the window. I didnt care what I looked like, I was fed up. I then squashed my boobs through the window and was almost certain some one had shut the window a touch. Once I had lowered myself to the ground I took off on a raging march to the Australian High commisioner, here I was finally able to recieve the medical attention Beany needed.

I marched in to the air conditioned office with the list of the antibiodics that the Dr Eric in majuro had discussed with me over the radio. I told the man what I needed and about the complete mess of the health care system here. Finally I left with the much needed antibiodics.

We then had to wait for an hour for another bus to arrive that we could squeeze onto. This then dampened my spirits again and I gave up on the day, storming back to the boat where I was then rendered bed bound as the boat thrashed about. What a day but, we did achieve something so all was worth it. As for the other 39 people left behind on the bus I did wonder how they were all going to get out. One thing I know for sure is they wont be scurrying out the window. Now I just cross my fingers the antibiodics work. Until then Slade and I will continue to syringe small amouts of hydralite water into beany to prevent her becoming beyond the point of rescuing , from dehydration. Its been a long week

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