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Majuro is like a little ray of light. After battling it out in some very deprived islands, the marshalls offer a much needed rest. Once you arrive you can drop the pick for free next to the mooring fields in 6m of water or you can pick up a mooring for around a $1 per foot per month. The anchorage is calm as a lake, even when it blows constantly 30knots. If a westerly comes through you are in trouble.

Streets of Majuro

Customs and Immigration don’t come out to the boat. A 75c taxi ride will get you down to the immigration and custom office. They are in seperate buildings opposite the Marshall Islands resort. The port captain can be located at the delap dock, when clearing out, the fee was $10 to clear out. Clearing in is our favourite, Free !

Anchoring around Majuro atoll is calm and completly pristine. Even the anchorage in down town is crystal clear, with styrofoam containers floating by. We swam alot off the boat here.

Juicy Pandanus Fruit

fresh fruit and vegetables are finally availible, go nuts ! By 10kg of apples and eat them like a ravenous scurvy ridden sailor. Buy fresh meat and DONUTS. $1 donuts, this place is heaven, after all you will need fattening up after only eating rice and the odd fresh fish. I can proudly say I ate a donut for breakfast every morning while we stayed in Majuro.

so much fresh food

This is the most built up place we had been to since New Caledonia. It was a dust bowl and the wind never died down, but how can you complain when you have a caramel iced donut melting in your mouth !

Everything is so easy in Majuro. No having to lug a backpack filled with 30kg of food each for kilometers on end. Simply get a taxi, I think its $3 for the whole taxi. Provisioning was so easy. be awar to check used by dates, we brought some cheap biscuits that were so old, when we opened them, they were liquid.

Outer Island permits are easy to get, but there are fees involved with going to each atoll. To get an outer Island permit, you just fill in a form at the Ministry of internal affairs. Write down the atolls you want to visit, go sink a few beers for a week and presto your paperwork is done and your free to hit the outer Atolls.

They do run on US currency, so for Aussies like us everything was a little more expensive then we liked, But remember donuts are only $1 and it comes with coffee.

Breakfast of champions


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