Men can’t Multi task


One last drama or two before we leave Majuro. Slade lost our backpack with all our passports and boat paper work in it ! Looks like we will be stuck here in Majuro as refugees. Man they just can’t multi task. Looking after a back pack and looking for water is too hard lol. It’s kind of important you don’t lose your passports. They are your ticket out of a hell hole, or your ticket in to paradise. Our passports are worth more then gold, they allow us to live the gypsy life. If we don’t find them, life will really suck 🙁

It’s official passports have been found, Thankfully some honest man found our bag at the water dispensary. Slades wallet remain in tact no funds missing, there was only $11 in there, you would have to be pretty desperate to steal $11, our pasports were all there and boat papers to. Very lucky.  We are now cleared out of the Marshall Islands. Only problem is we have no water ! The osmosis farm decided to dump its tanks and clean the vats. Of all days they choose today. We need 300L of water ! ! 300L so that we can carry 400L over the equator and down to fiji.

We couldnt afford to fill our fuel tanks, fuel is outrageously expensive at $2.60L AUS.  We need a good supply of water to allow us to drift for a few weeks. We have 120L of fuel on board to cross the doldrums. The notorious dead zone, where wind rarely arrives.  May be we are silly and we may find ourselves drifting no thanks to our lack of fuel, but hey, there is nothing like drifting and wallowing in the ocean !

The boat is scrubbed so we can drift extra fast. The food is packed to the rafters, we will not starve, or atleast I hope not. Time will tell. We may arrive in Fiji with scurvy and looking like swizzle sticks. Hopefully our sat texter phone works and I can keep you posted along the way.

Farewell it’s time to tackle a 3 week passage !


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