Nightmare Abroad Part 2


With AK’s temp increasing we sailed to the big smoke of lautoka city to be seen by the city hospital. After 7hrs of waiting with AK wrapped in wet blankets I had had enough ! AK’s condition was deteriorating she was unable to wake an had had a fever of over 39′ for 4days and nothing was helping cool her down. I was hugely concerned for her.

We had waited 7hrs to see a doctor an we were high priority ! 7hrs can you believe that ! After the first hour AK had done a accidental wet diarrhoea fart on me, with out a change of clothes I spent the whole day smelling like a big turd. I was super embarrassed by the skid marks running down my white shirt. AK having to go undiless. I was in such a panic to get her to the hospital, I had forgotten to pack any change of clothes or food.

With outpatients closing we were transferred to emergency, in the hope of seeing a doctor. After waiting an hour, I realised nothing was going to happen. I now needed to do something to get poor AK seen to. I rang the Australian embassy in a desperate attempt to get my daughter help. Once I got off the phone to the very helpful embassy they were to ring the hospital.

The embassy would organise for AK to get transported via ambulance to Suva private hospital 5hrs away. Here I would get the medical attention AK needed. All that was needed was AK to be seen by a doctor and given medical clearance.

With in minutes, a peadeatric doctors conference call with the Australian embassy was being announced over the loud speakers for all to hear. Finally a doctor appeared in the emergency ward. She took a look at AK and said “sorry she doesn’t look sick enough, I’m happy to send her home” I was completely outraged ! She didn’t look at AK’s chart she didn’t touch my daughter, poke or prod her, she didn’t come with in a meter of my very sick girl. Her reasoning “a very sick child won’t sit up, AK is able to sit up, so I am happy to send her home” . She had sat up because she was scared the doctor would stick needles in her. I rang the embassy immediately, while dumbfounded nurses stood around all in shock at what had just happened. Not only did I not get medical clearance to get AK transported, She had been discharged !

The embassy were furious and rung the doctor several times to be disconnected. I now had been left with no options once again. AK was too unwell to catch a bus to Suva and I had no other way of getting her there. I now had only one option to walk home in the dark ,back to the port knowing I would be up all night once again ,trying to keep my daughters temp down. I was beyond outraged, I had gone to two hospitals and been dishcharged by both, leaving me feeling completely helpless.

I know when my daughter is sick. She was a very sick girl for over 6 months a year ago. I took her temperature everyday and took her for blood test every week for 6months. It was up to me to decided when her temperature was bad. I would watch her behaviour and decide from there. Sometimes her temp would be 38.2 and she would end up in hospital for a week, sometimes it would be 39.5 and she would be bouncing off the walls. When my daughter gets a fever, I know when it’s bad, I know the signs, I am well trained to say the least. The doctors should be listening to me. If a child doesnt wake up on their own accord they should not be put out on the street !

When I arrived back at The boat all I was looking forward to was a nice dinner. Our day had just gotten worse. I arrived back on the boat with AK ,to find slade and KL vomiting their guts up also running high fevers. I was thrown straight into nursing mode, administering panadol, cleaning buckets and keeping a temperature chart. By mid. night I was exhautsted. My night was about to become a hell of a lot longer


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