Nightmare abroad part 4


After holding out all night the time had come to use the toilet. Slade had arrived earlier in the day and had brought nothing but himself and Beany with him. I was desperate for a change of clothes, some food and most importantly toilet paper. He had brought nothing !

After an hour of sleeping in my chair Slade and Beany went home. I was back to being completely alone again and desperate for the toilet. I was not allowed to leave AK by herself and I didn’t want to anyway. If she woke up I wanted to be there holding her hand. I emailed anyone who I thought might have a Fijian contact. I emailed the cloudbreak photographer, I rung the embassy, I exhausted all avenues I could ,to get my hands on some toilet paper. I then had to make a tough decision, I had to take the risk. I went were no man should have to go. I scarificed Ak’s undies and took of to the out house. She had a spare pair so I could justify my decision. The undies were never seen again.

When you are faced with this situation things get dire. I am talking about a hospital that does not have soap in its toilets, does not have toilet roll holders, does not have showers for patients and certainly no beds for the carers, a hospital were food is brought from home by family members, clothes are washed in the sink outside, a hospital where ICU patients are lying in a bed next to some one with the flu, a hospital where there is no infectious disease control, where doctors don’t wash their hands, where the thermometre is passed from armpit to armpit with no cleaning or sanitising between. Losing a pair of undies was not my biggest concern. My bigger concern was , I had no spare undies. Soon I found myself in a Christian hospital wearing a skirt with my bare bum feeling the breeze, my undies hanging on the line in amongst a ward full of washing.

Ak’s condition was improving slowly and it seemed the antibiodics might be working. How did they know it was typhoid ? So far her blood had grown no bacteria, but the giveaway was her low white cell count and low platelet levels, they had dropped over her 3lots of blood test done before she was admitted. With day two now over I awaited the attack of the ghost that would certainly be lurking in the dark corridores. By midnight the hospital was as haunted as ever. I couldn’t close my eyes for fear of a zombie attack, plus I didn’t trust that I could keep myself decently unexposed while I slept. Feeling as exhausted as ever morning broke, but today was going to bring with it the shittest day of our trip so far………

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