Nightmare Abroad……. The END :)


Finally after 5days of IV antibiodics, living off one pair of undies, consuming my excess fat for snacks and completely stressed out of my brains, we finally left The hospital. Both AK and slade would spend another week on oral antibiodics.

As a precaution we will hang around Lautoka in case one of us falls ill in the next week. I look forward to my cosy bed, a good nights sleep and a change of undies, might even change them every hour just cause I can !

On the upside our stay in the hospital was an incredible experience. The way the Fijian families look after there sick is incredible, the families do everything, the whole family including the extended family turn up every night to all eat dinner together. They all chip in to help wash the sick child, clean the child’s bed, sing to the child and feed them. That’s support !

The nurses do nothing but run observations, change drips, organise blood test ect. The way it should be. In Australia nurses do everything even when short staffed, the parents ,nothing. In Fiji if your child pukes in the bed you clean it up, you clean the floor if it gets on the floor, you wash the sheets. In Aus the nurse will do all that for you. I feel sorry for the nurses in Aus, they do more then they should. They deserve a pat on the back and a pay rise ! They are nurses not cleaners.

I also loved the incredible strength of the woman and man. One man had been sleeping in a chair for over a month after his son was hit by a bus. The way he tenderly looked after his child massaging his feet when his son was in pain and nuzzling his face into his son face when he was scared was truly insperational. They never cried, even when their child had flatlined, they held their child’s hand and stood strong. They didn’t yell at the doctors or nurses, they stood with there heads held high and let the docotrs do there job in peace. Thankfully the two children that flatline came back to life, after docotrs frantic efforts, otherwise I would be scarred for life. Like I said ICU patients were in the beds next to us.

I saw the true Fijian culture in action and it was an incredibly amazing experience. The love these people have to give has to be seen to be believed. I have been touched by an unforgettable hospital experience. If only we could all be as patient and tender loving as fijians.

What a complete whirl wind of emotions I felt this week. At times I really struggled, but we made it through and when AK’s face ligts up when she see’s dolphins in the near future, the heart ache and pain will be all worth it.


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