Riding a stool like a cowboy


My face is squashed up between some ladies gynormous bosoms, I searched hard to find a tall dark handsome mans lap to sit on but instead I found boobs ! This is not my Idea of heaven and no I am not jelly wrestling at a pub. I am taking a local bus in The Kiribati. Think 12 seater mini van with 28 people crammed on board, yes thats right 28 people and not scrauny people either they are of a big build here and they are setting world records for car cramming.

Bus after bus went by us, when we spotted a bus where legs, faces and several other bodie parts weren’t pressed against windows, we waved the bus down in the hope it was only piled two high. When the door opened and I was thrust in and continued to crowd surf to the back of the bus I immediatly regretted my decision. Seconds later I was suffocating in big sweaty breast, my bum sweat dripping over the poor ladies thighs. The people continued to cram in, the kids lost somwhere up the front on several peoples laps.

For 20minutes my body thrashed about with the little suspension, my head on the other hand was securely nuzzled in tight between some pretty solid air bags. Finally we got off the bus only to catch another bus.

On the next bus we bus surfed. This is the art of sitting on a plastic stool in the middle of the aisle and sliding forward with every brake. Atleast 9 stools all go sliding to the front of the mini bus getting stopped by the poor sod who got on last and had to stand at the front. I couldnt help but laugh hysterically as I held on for dear life and rode my stool like a cowboy. What an interesting experience. The locals thought I was mad. I survived this ordeal to catch the last mode of transport I would need. A truck. Here I clambered up a rusty tray and perched myself between the rusted through holes. I stood holding the roof, waving to every local as they whizzed by feeling like a queen and getting a perfect taste of what its like to be a dog hanging its head out the car window. I loved the truck and refuse to ride by any other mode of transport. Buy me a truck and I will be happy, oh and a driver so I can hang out the back. The truck bounced around everywhere and I wished I had worn my sports bra, I had the wind in my hair the dust up my nose, the flies in my eyes, and my boobs flapping around my ears, I was one happy girl. Suprisingly I made it back to the dinghy in one piece and will be back at it doing it all again tomorow ! !

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