Riding on a turtles back


I am getting much braver at snorkeling. Today I went off the boat and snorkeled out all bymyself for over an hour. I was certainly rewarded for my braveness. 3 minutes after diving in a reef shark swam on by a fairly big reef shark at that, confirming my fears of sharks waiting under the boat for me to dangle my toes in or even better dive in. This shark seemed harmless and swam on under me, I then must have had a moment of insanity as I dove down to get a good picture of the shark. While I was down there I saw a turtle sleeping on the bottom and a stingray scooted past.

I swam a bit closer to the reef and a turtle appeared and there I was swimming right along side this turtle. The turtle not bothered by me let me enjoy my magical moment and let me get so close I could of touched it. I didn’t touch it because I felt that the turtle was nice enough to let me swim with it so I should be respectful of the turtles space. For 15 minutes we just swam next to each other, the turtle looking over at me. I then decided that it was time to leave the turtle in peace and swam off in search of my evasive dugong.

I didn’t find my dugong yet again, but I did see another turtle resting under a coral bombie and saw lots of big fish. I then started to get cold so slowly made my way back in to the shore. I immediately showed the kids the pictures I had taken of the turtle. Beany was inspired and took to the water with her goggles on. She mostly just drank the sea water everytime she dunked her head under ,but she enjoyed her “snorkel” none the less. The rest of the day the kids were left to run free on the beach and swim. Just another tough day in paradise

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