Schooling Island style


The village was a buzz with excitement, prep week had been going on for the last 4 days, but today was the exciting singing and dancing. The whole school marched through the village singing songs with gusto until they reached the school grounds. All the prep Mums marched behind in pride. Even Ak was all dressed up in her school unifom and waddling along.


Finally the prep kids were marched into the sschool hall, taking centre stage. All the kids then stepped forward and said “when I grow up I want to be a doctor,farmer,lawyer ect” Beany soon stepped forward and much to our embarrassment boomed across the room “when I grow up I want to be a princess” ! !

Because we would rather be an individual, then follow the crowd
Because we would rather be an individual, then follow the crowd

Why do we have a 4yr old who is obsessed with princesses ? If she said she wanted to be a pirate I could of handled that, but a princess !

After the fulungans were finished laughing at my “princess”, it was time for the traditional dancing. Beany forgot all about the dancing and was more concerned on when she was going to get a lolly.  Any one would think she had never seen sugar in her life. I thought she would never start dancing.


finally she had a mouth full of sugary sweets and started to dance. She shook her bum and wobbled her hips whilst twirling around the stage in her grass/plastic skirt along with all the other kids. The crowd roared when she broke out into a solo hip shake,jiggle. Several dances were displayed. A hindi, a rotuman and the traditional Fijian dance. A few Mums jumped up on stage and did a big booty shake, the crowd erupting into uncontrollable fits of laughter.


One mother completly let her hair down, her bum and boobs jiggling in every direction possible, her arms flailing about above her head while she shimmied and bounced across the stage, her hips detached from her body with a mind of there own, the smile on her face as huge as it could get, as she sung and yahooed. She was having an absolute blast. Everyone in the room were in tears of laughter, all struggling for air. This moment would go down as my all time favourite Fijian memory and would be right up there as one of my all time favourites from our trip.

pure happiness
pure happiness

Her dancing summed up the Fijian culture. They are so carefree, are always having a joke and always wear the biggest of smiles. They are the epitome of human kind. A world full of Fijians would be a world full of happiness,

For beany this was her first taste of school, it will be an incredible memory for her to share in years to come. Her first day at school, a village in the most remote Island of Fiji. You can’t beat that.

Here is a link to a movie of our time in fulunga

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  1. What a magical moment. This is your reward for enduring storms and seasickness, loneliness, sick children and all the other perils of being at sea. You have made this happen with your determination to fully embrace whatever comes your way.

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