Sigatoka sand dunes

I skulled my first official bilo of kava and was welcomed into the mans family. It had been an enjoyable ceremony but He had caught us hook, line and sinker in a very crafty way and now my mouth was numb. We had wandered down the streets of sigatoka, which is suprisingly very touristy.The man came out and told us to look at his shop. We obliged and wandered in. Next thing we were sitting on the floor drinking Kava. Once the bowl was empty, the man pursued the task of trying to sell us his goods. The girls were whisked off to get braids in there hair, while Slade and I thought of our excuses to get out of here. He was so friendly and nice, we had been sucked in to a tourist trap. Now I felt bad, which is excatly were he wanted me. The girls had braids in there hair, we had drunk Kava and now I felt obliged to buy some crappy old souvenir. I found the cheapest item in his store, while he persuaded me to buy the most expensive telling me story after story. Finally we escaped having spent $10 and dissapointed that we had been trapped. The girls were happy about there hair, with beads and all. I was not so happy, as I never asked for them to do that.

The day had turned out to be a long day. It started in the feet burning heat of the sigatoka sand dunes. This place reminded me of home, the sand dunes of Double Island point rolling down to the beach, endless weekends spent camping. How I longed for home. For lunch we all crammed in to a driftwood teepee, to escape the heat, while we watched the surf suck from the shore. We were exhausted and I was homesick making the treck back to the park entrance even hotter. It was worth the effort. from there we caught a bus into sigatoka.

This place was nothing like I imagined. It was no village, but a tourist filled hub. The town is on the river and is so pretty. After our Kava ceremony we walked through the market. This became a very long task. Every fijian wanting to stop and kiss AK, I wanted one of them to stop and hug me. I need a good Mum cuddle especially since I am home sick .The fijians with there big soft bosoms would be the perfect people to do so. Unfortunately I didnt get a hug. The girls love the attention they recieve from the fijians. After dragging the girls away from the market, we caught the bus back to the village we were anchored off. Here we wandered into and were immediatley welcome to a huge family reunion. The kids splashed about in the water until after the sun had set, playing with a clan of children. A day ashore always brings suprises, you never know what will become of your day. I love that things just fall into place, making for magic memoriesIMG_8381

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