Social sacrifices

I slipped on my high heels and zipped up my short dress, my freshly waxed legs on display. My hair straightened, cut and coloured. I looked in the mirror and instantly felt good. Something I hadn’t felt in years. I was excited to go out with my friends and feel young. I am 28years old and sacrificing a social life, figure flattering clothes and friends, for a life on the ocean.


I live in countries where the dress code is that of older woman. My skirts must be flowy and cover my knees, my shirts must have shoulders and not show my shape. When I get dressed in the morning, I feel thankful we don’t have a mirror, knowing that I just look, frumpy in my old mother hubbard clothes. I loath getting dressed in the mornings, knowing nothing I put on will make me feel good.

Going out after dark is simply not an option, as there is no one to look after our girls and going out with out a man ,or group of friends simply wouldn’t be safe.


Whilst in Aus I was finally able to let my hair down and have fun. I stayed out late, enjoying plenty of child free dinners, before heading to a bar for a few drinks, where I reveled in the loud music. I twirled around the dance floor, having the time of my life. I was a world away from my cruising life. I was mingling with people my age. Fun and carefree. I wasn’t hanging around people more then twice my age. Know one asked me the stock standard cruising questions.

“How long have you been out for?”

“Where did you come from?” and “where are you headed”

Before storm stories and ocean passages are discussed. I politely sit and listen, while wishing to meet young cruisers under the age of 30years. Sometimes I really feel I live in a floating retirement village.


Now I dont mean to sound rude, we do mix with alot of oldies and most of the time they are good fun, but I am sure they would understand my point of view..  I constantly get comments like ” wow you are old enough to be our grandkid” or “your my daughters age” these comments are generally followed by them doting on me and the girls as if we were there own kids. Most of the time I don’t mind this, as I know they all miss their own kids and for a moment we fill that empty void for them.


But ,how I long for that young company, the carefree energy they ooze. The ability to stay up past 9pm . I didnt realise how much I missed getting dressed up, feeling pretty and hanging out with people under 30yrs . Its been over 16months since I found anyone my age, In fact I have never met anyone my age and cruising. We have been doing this for 5 years now.  I know there has to be young cruisers out there, but people seem to be waiting till they are retired to see the world.

For one night I wasn’t a grotty yachty. For one night I was just a normal 28year old. For one night I felt beautiful instead of frumpy.



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