Taking on water


After 12 of the worst days at sea our dramas werent over. When Slade went into the locker to get parts to fix a leak in the kids bed, he noticed the cushions in the quater berth were wet.

He unloaded the qurter berth, the cushios getting wetter and wetter as he went back. We took the cushions off to air out along with the kids beds. He had a look in one locker and saw everything was wet. It didn’t look too bad, so he thought he’d empty the locker and just wipe it down.

Sure enough Slade emerged from the quarter berth very dis-heartened. The back locker was flooded, all our spare elctricals soaked. He got the hand pump out and pumped 4 buckets of water out. Over 25L of water.  The boat was now a mess with bits and pieces sprawled everywhere. I went about doing what turned out to be the start of atleast 4 days of continous clothes washing, while slade started the next locker.

This locker was flooded to the top, all our spare motor parts swimming in a pool of water. Slade emptied the water as best he could with the hand pump once more. It was then too hot for him down in the coffin berth

With midday approaching and the equatorial heat peaking we all ended up swimming for the rest of the afternoon. The boat looked like a bomb had hit it, there was no room on deck, since it had been covered in spare parts and cushions. The safety lines were full to the brim with mouldy washing, the cockpit floor covered with dirty dishes and more spare parts.

We gave up trying to bring everything in when a squall hit, we figured it had all been wet anyway, they properly needed a fresh water rinse. At 2am it poured rain. Slade was out there collecting water in every vessel that would catch water as well as setting up the water catcher to top up our tanks and jerry cans. Such a cruiser thing to do, every spit of rain is precious, when that’s the only way to get water its worth getting up at any hour and catching what you can. We have a whole new respect for water. If we don’t catch it then we don’t get it. Water cant just be sourced from a hose out here or a tap, its rain water or nothing.

After a solid 4 days the inside of the boat was finally dry. bashing into some hairy winds for 6 days had taken it’s toll. The amount of water that we found in all our back lockers was scary. We had taken on alot of water with out even noticing it.  As for the front lockers under the kids bed, we were very lucky we didnt fry our batteries with the water in there. So very lucky

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