Thank you


Finally we are all home, out of the hospital and healthy ! Thank you to every body for their words of support. Sometimes you question if what you are doing is right. To have so many of you behind us with words of encouragement really lifted our spirits. Also a big thank you to the boats Jean Marie and Anahata for getting me connected with Slade. Slade’s Mum for calling her nurse friends and Doctors for advice.

I also have to give a special mention to my Dad, he did all he could from Australia, calling our doctor back home, ringing embassies, ringing hospitals and doing everything possible to make sure AK and I got the care we needed.He also made sure I stayed strong. If he wasn’t in the process of renewing his passport he would of flown over with a hundred pairs of undies and sat by me for every second of our stay. This time was incredibly hard for my parents as they were so far away and felt so helpless. No parents want to see their kids struggle and not be able to help. My Dad was incredible and I was so grateful for his help. Our 5 day hospital stay may go down as the toughest time we have had cruising

Alot of you have asked “what next ?” “Is it time to fly home?”. The answers, we will continue to cruise ! Our plans are to stay in fiji for 6months and enjoy this place ! Then we will make our way north to Micronesia. We may of had some hard times in the last ten months ,but that is not enough for us to give up. We will continue on our adventure, life is there to be lived.

Tomorow life will be that little bit harder for us as we are hauling the boat out of the water. The poor boat needs a bum scrub and and new antifouling. Anyone who has ever hauled out will understand why life on the hardstand isn’t easy. Getting a 2 year old with no athleticism up a ladder daily is a mission ! Slade becoming a slave to the sander and the kids and I having to leave the boat from sun up till sundown due to the dust and toxic paint fumes. There will be plenty of long days. Good news is there will be an unlimited supply of SHOWERS ! ! ! such a luxury for us and a little reward at the end of a hard day 🙂

Stay tuned. You are all about to find out what life is like when the boat is high and dry.

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