The engine clicked over


At 1am the motor finally clicked over into gear. After 2 months with no engine, the problem was finally fixed. There was this huge sense of freedom, knowing that we could tackle reef passes and not have to worry about the wind dropping out and us drifting onto the menacing reef.

The parts for the gear box were sent in record time via a jet plane from New Zealand. Slade slogged away on the engine for two days, Trapped in the sauna of a boat. While he dripped in sweat I had the task of keeping the kids off the boat and occupied all day. In a town that has no park, or if it did I could not find one, there wasn’t much for the kids to do.

With boredom they turned into gremlins, walking by shop fronts and pulling the displays down, kicking rubbish down the street, pulling handfulls of grass out of peoples lawns and throwing it at each other. I tried every method of bribing known to man to get the kids to settle down. By 6pm I could take it no longer. I stormed them both to the dinghy dock,their hands aching in my vice grip. I brought a cold beer and headed for home.

The boat was in chaos. There was no room for standing. I made a small space for each of them in their beds and tucked them in. I then sat outside in the breeze drinking beer and drowning my sorrows of my crappy day. Why did the kids go so wild ? They pushed every boundry they could, I was exhausted.

Once morning broke we wasted no time in getting out of downtown majuro. We took off out to Enemonet Island on the east side of Majuro lagoon. Pristine clear waters and reef. I found some snorkelling buddies and went to dive on the plane wreck. The kids enjoyed swimming, which we havent done for over 3 months ! they splashed and swam till the sunset

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