Time to haul out

high and dry with a view
high and dry with a view

That dreaded time has come where we need to sit high and dry for awhile and suck in some fibreglass dust. Hauling out is something every sailor dreads. We had originally planned to haul out back in AUS before we left, but with time nipping at our heals, we set sail with a haul out when we arrived in New Caledonia.

To haul out in New Cal you must have an insured boat. As for many blue water ocean cruisers, we don’t have insurance. This was a relief, it meant the first half of our trip we would be free to enjoy. A haul out in Fiji would be certain.

Fiji is great, but Island time is very prominent here. To organise anti fouling paint took almost 2 weeks. It was a hassel, running around town, looking for hardware stores, searching for paint suppliers ect

When we finally had paint sorted, we pulled into Vuda point Marina. The anxiety about getting a lift out in a foriegn country was high. Thankfully the boat didn’t slip out of the slings and the boat was efficiently hauled out and placed in a prime location.

It was finally happening. We had hauled out and the nasty work was about to begin. Eos sat nicely propped up right next to the breakwall. She had the ocean breeze in her hair and a great view to the outer Islands.

The yard is relaxed. Steel cap boots are replaced with thongs, Fenced in cement pens replaced with open breezy grass, Highly strung workers replaced with relaxed fijians happy to waste hours chatting away. What a place to haul out, what a place to watch the sun go down.

The only issues I can forsee us having is getting AK up and down a ladder and the annoyance of having to walk to the bathroom each morning. As for the boat, osmosis will be our biggest issue. Osmosis is water in the fibreglass. Its the fibreglass version of rust !

All hands on deck to asses the bottom
All hands on deck to asses the bottom

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