Tropical paradise


We were packed and ready for a day at the beach and a day of intense exploring. I rowed the dinghy ashore with the kids. We then selected the ultimate spot to set up camp and proceeded to unload a hammock, picnic blanket, food bag, sand toys, dry clothes, music, towels, water bottles, coffee flask and coconut opening tools. Slade was out spearfishing the surrounding reef. Once we had everything organized we walked up and down the beach hunting and gathering coconuts. We got back to our jungle camp stacked our 13 coconuts in a pile and made a cubby house with some palm frongs we had found lying about. In our little palm hut we openend several coconuts. I managed to stab my hand with the chisel and peeled the skin down. The girls went and found magic leaves to stop it from bleeding, so I could keep chopping coconuts for them. We sat and ate our coconuts, enjoying what a magic place this was. Slade then arrived after 2 hours spearfishing. I could see something orange floating behind him in his catch bag. The three of us ran down the beach to see what he had caught. He came out of the water beaming, letting us know he had caught some quality fish. As soon as he lifted the catch bag out of the water, I squealed and jumped about. A big Crayfish ! ! I was a lucky girl today. He also had a clam and a cod. Not sure what he was thinking when he gathered the clam, must have been that irrational hunter in him out in force again. It was time for a camp fire. We searched the whole beach looking for drift wood and managed to scrape together enough wood for a small fire. Slade and Beany started up the fire while AK and I relaxed in the hammock. The fish, clam and cray went on the fire with two poatatos. Half hour later we were relaxing on the picnic blanket eating crayfish out of a clam shell. The clam ofcourse was hideous and should have been left in the ocean. After all this hunting and gathering it was time for a siesta. By 4pm in the afternoon we had run out of water and was time to call it a day. The kids got one last swim before it was time to pack up and go home. Once back on board we watched the sun slowly set and reflected on another truly magical perfect day. An absolute dream of an island and the anchorage isn’t too rolly. Good thing that we get to do it all over again. This is one groundhog day that I won’t mind repeating


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