Tropical Parties

Beany smiled from ear to ear as she swung from a palm tree frong. The small camp fire cracked and whistled behind her, while the sun slowly sunk away. Ak rolled down the sand dune squealing. A party filled day was coming to a close

The day had started early. Like any girl on there birthday Beany had bounded into the saloon at the crack of dawn, filled with excitement. Slade and I tensed every muscle in our bodies as she threw herself onto us in a heap. It was 5:30am. We have been cruising for 14 months now and were used to 8am wake up calls . The sun was bearly up.  We peeled our eye lids open and sung her the “Birthday song”.

It didn’t take long for AK to wake up, her little round belly waddling down to meet us. She clumsily climb up onto our bed and we sun another round of happy Birthday, to her.


Chocolate cake and sprinkles was had by all for breakfast. What better way to start the day, on a sugar high. By 8am the girls were running feral on a piece of paradise. The water terquoise blue, the sand squeaking between our toes. We were in paradise.

The girls have been so lucky, last year there 2nd and 4th birthdays were spent in New Caledonia, on a pristine Island. This year there 3rd and 5th birthdays celebrated on a remote Island off Kandavu Fiji.

The girls swam, snorkelled and ran around the beach all day. They ate freshly made pizza and more cake. They collected shells in their new bags and filled their swimmers with sand. They screamed and sung at the top of their voices with only Slade and I having to listen to the racket.


As the stars started to appear Beany thanked us over and over for such a wonderful birthday, Ak made grunts and growns while her hands flapped wildly above her head. We took that as,”she had, had a great day”.

In the middle of nowhere we had managed to make the girls birthdays very special. They may not have been given big expensive gifts or had a party filled with a hundred kids and 6 varieties of cake, but to them those things didn’t matter.

We had given them a birthday were they could run free, naked along the beach for as far as the eye could see, they could gather up driftwood and make little huts, they could chase fish and poke the sea annenome and climb the rocks to sit and weave the palm frongs they had gathered. The girls didn’t stop smiling all day.

This is what paradise looks like !

When the last marshmellow was toasted over the fire, we took our very tired girls home, fed them the last piece of cake and tucked them into bed a year older then the night before.

A truly special day in paradise, what more could you ask for. Our girls growing up to see the world.

toasting marshmellows
toasting marshmellows

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