Trucking along with cruisers


We are wandering through black streets filled with people laughing at us from the dark shadows. We are lost , not just lost lost but well and truly “where the hell are we lost”. We were shuffling home from the pub, when it dawned on us we don’t actually no how to get home.

The day had started when Customs were bought over to our boat by our good friends on Exodus. The three men then cumbersomely crawled and heaved themselves onto our boat. With in minutes our cockpit turned into a sweaty heat pi,t our legs grinding up against the person squeezed in next to us the sweat from the men next to me saturating my leg.

We filled out a few forms they asked to see the kids room and then it was all over and everybody was grateful to leave the sweat pit. Then on the radio a call was put out to say immergration would not be out to our boats and that we all had to go to the immergration office in Bairiki a 30minute bus trip away.

We had 2hrs to get there before closing time. I gentle shook AK to wake her from her day time sleep and the poor thing had just fallen asleep. I got her dressed and ready while Slade sorted the paper work. We then dashed about packing a bag, suncreaming kids and locking the boat.

Finally we putted into the jetty where all the other 7 cruiser boats where waiting for us. Slade is the ultimate procrastinator and showed his true colours today making us the last boat to arrive. The group of us then headed towards the bus stop. The bus stop was packed and soon we realised that we needed an alternate form of transport. A couple of cruisers disappeared and soon returned in the back of a truck.

I was super excited about this having never rode in the back of a truck before. We all piled in and off we took. I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face and yahooed the whole way. The local people all waving to us. At one point I wanted to stand up and wave to all the locals like I was queen. My ass was getting bumped raw and the dirt was forming mud under my sweaty legs, but nothing could dampen my spirit. I was riding in the back of a truck and absolutely loving life. Yes I am that easily pleased.

We arrived at Immigration and unfortunately we had to disembark from the truck. The immergration office was packed and it took 45minutes for us to be officially cleared in. We then all wandered over to the supermarket for cold drinks and to find a new way back to betio.

It was my lucky day and we hitched another ride from a truck ! I was super excited. In I jumped with the kids and the rest of the cruiser crew. The floor in this truck was falling through so we all placed our selves around and sat where the floor was still sturdy. I put the kids in the middle so they wouldn’t fall out and squeezed myself in next to my friends.

The truck lurched forward and we were off at turbo speed, my boobs bouncing up to my chin, I instantly wished I had worn a sports bra. My bum was already raw and was slowly being ground down by the harsh bouncing and vibrating, but once again I had the wind in my hair and was cruising along in the back of a truck and nothing was going to wipe that childish grin off my face.

The truck soon pulled over and dropped us all to the pub. Everbody piles out once again and we all have a few drinks and some food. I love this little cruiser community that has come together. We all place the tables together and sit down to drink, mingle, and eat. We toasted to our equater crossing and to our first northern anchorage .Soon Exodus decides to leave. We say goodbye and continue to chat away. Then Slade Says “ Shit we are locked to Exodus’s Dinghy” we say a rushed goodbye.

That brings us to the part were we wander down the dark streets, through muddy puddles, the kids not wearing shoes, down some more dark streets, not seeing anything familiar, matter of fact I don’t actually remember watching the streets we drove down, I was too busy basking in my first truck experience.

I soon asked a security guy who asked another man. Soon we had ourselves an escort to get us back to our dinghy. When we finally arrived Exodus were sitting like ducks along the concrete embankment, waiting for us to come. No sooner had we arrived, all the other cruisers that we had left behind at the bar all turned up

. We gave our thanks to the very nice gentleman who had escorted us home and released our dhingy from Exodus. They were now free to go home. Everybody piled in to their dinghies and motored on home. A very long day but one that was worth it if just for my truck riding experience alone. How nice it is to have such a great little bunch of cruisers all headed on north with us.

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